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September 2020 – BMA Rules & Regulations, Organisation Chart and Code of Ethics published on the website.

In May 2020 the BMA raised an amazing £2,150 through donations given by generous people. The money will be donated to the Intensive Care Unit at Hereford County Hospital in loving memory of Sandra Shepphard.

The successful winner of the Demanet costume was Jo & Nando Brown.

Big thanks to everyone for their generosity and to Demanet International for their support.

No Demanet no suit

December 2019– As 2019 draws to an end the BMA would like to thank all of those people who have competed, trained, thought and even dreamed of Mondioring! In 2020 we hope to invite more skilled Mondioring people for seminars, training days and introduction sessions to get people involved and finally issue BMA documentation and membership opportunities. Happy New Year!

December 2019- BMA Decoy Certification 21/12/2019 – MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Aaron Hanna and Nake Florin who successfully achieved their Mondioring Decoy Brevet! Great performances on a difficult test.

October 2019

Howard and Hank Vice-Champion Category 1 in the World Championships in Poland!! Great work and well done.

– Rules

Click to access UTI-REG-MON-en-4624.pdf

– General info In order to obtain a Workbook, you need to be a member of the British Mondioring Association and your dog needs to have passed the appropriate temperament test (BH or KC Good Citizen Bronze). When you think your dog is ready for competition, send a copy of the temperament test and a copy of your dog’s pedigree, with a fee of £5.00, to the Treasurer, and we will forward your Workbook.

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Team clothing will soon be available to order with a choice of T-Shirts, Tracksuits and Jumpers. Parade in matching style with our fellow IPO and Agility teams.